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Serving Seminole and Orange County

Would you like to regain control and balance in your life?

Are you looking for effective ways to manage daily challenges with ease?

Do you want to find peace, heal from grief, and uplift your spirits?

Are you seeking to strengthen and improve your relationships?

We are here to help.

About Our Therapists

We are a diverse team of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to treating a wide range of mental health issues.

Our therapists come from various backgrounds and specializations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to mental wellness. Our diversity allows us to place you with a therapist who shares your values.

We understand that your journey is unique. Our team is trained to handle all types of challenges, including  anxiety, depression, stress management, and relationship issues.

We accept insurance, self-pay, and sliding scale fees and our sessions can be in office or via tele-health. 

Give us a call. 

How Does A Therapist Help

A mental health counselor helps with emotional balance by working with you to uncover the root causes of issues.

Counseling promotes healthier relationships with others as well as yourself by exploring patterns, addressing conflicts and learning life-long problem-solving skills.

Therapy provides non-judgmental support and psycho-education in a safe confidential environment. 

Choosing The Right Therapist

Seventy five percent of your success in therapy will come from the connection you have with your therapist. Choosing the right mental health counselor is vital. 

Our therapists come from a wide range of backgrounds ensuring that at least one of us will be able to connect with your unique values and needs.

When you first contact us you will meet Alex, co-owner of Longboat Counseling Services. He will discuss your goals and reasons for seeking therapy in order to best place you with the right fit for your needs. Each consultation is free so do not hesitate to ask for more than one referral.

Once you have decided which therapists you would like to meet we will connect you directly to them so you can discuss your background, goals, and concerns. The therapist in turn will tell you about their qualifications and experience.

This is a crucial step to building a successful therapeutic relationship with your counselor who will guide you further into treatment.

Remember, the right therapist is someone who understands YOU.

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