Longwood Couples Therapy

Starting couples therapy can often feel like a "last resort". We are here to ensure that it is not and to let you know that there is still a chance for collaboration and a happy and fulfilling life with your partner.

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At Longboat Counseling Services we have a number of therapists who are specifically trained and specialized in working with couples at all stages of relationships, including pre-marital and married couples. 
Our goal is to work with you and your partner to improve communication, resolve conflicts, strengthen your bond, in addition to helping you grow individually. 

Couples In Crisis

While it is always advised to seek counseling before a crisis, we understand that life is not that simple.

Our therapists are trained to work together with you and your partner through issues that you may be facing which include the loss of loved ones, "empty nest" stress and grief, infidelity, substance abuse, and financial issues to name just a few.

What To Expect From Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, expect to engage in open, guided conversations aimed at understanding and resolving relationship issues. The therapist will facilitate discussions to improve communication, address conflicts, and strengthen emotional connections. 
Sessions may include joint and individual meetings, where you’ll explore both relationship dynamics and personal factors affecting the partnership. Homework assignments are common, encouraging practice of new skills outside therapy. 
It’s a collaborative process requiring commitment from both partners, and while it can be challenging, it offers valuable tools for enhancing relationship health and personal growth.
couple in therapy at longboat counseling
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