Maitland Couples Therapy

Beginning couples therapy may seem like an option of last resort, but we're here to reassure you that it's not. Our role is to highlight the potential for teamwork and a joyful, rewarding life together with your partner.

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Longboat Counseling Services offers a selection of therapists with specific training and expertise in guiding couples through every phase of their relationship, from dating, to pre-marital to marital stages.
We aim to collaborate with you and your partner to enhance communication, solve disputes, reinforce your connection, and support your individual development.

Partners Facing Immediate Challenges

Although it's recommended to pursue counseling proactively, we recognize that life's complexities often intervene. Our therapists are prepared to join forces with you and your partner, addressing challenges such as the loss of loved ones, the stress and grief of "empty nest" syndrome, infidelity, substance abuse, and financial difficulties, among others.

Starting Therapy

Couples therapy invites you to partake in frank, structured dialogues focused on deciphering and remedying issues within your relationship. Through these discussions, led by your therapist, you’ll work on bettering communication, tackling disagreements, and deepening emotional ties.
Expect a combination of together and one-on-one sessions that delve into the nuances of your relationship and the individual influences on it. You’ll likely receive homework to help incorporate new techniques into your daily life.
This team effort demands dedication from both partners. Despite its demands, it provides essential strategies for improving the health of your relationship and promoting personal development.
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