Tamara Makki, Mental Health, Longwood, Orlando, Florida
Tamara Makki
Seeking a safe space to navigate life’s challenges, discover inner strengths, and embrace growth? Tamara Makki is here to guide your journey toward a happier, fulfilling life. Together, we can explore your path to well-being and resilience when you’re ready!
About Tamara Makki

I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of San Diego and I am currently a first-year doctoral student in the Counselor Education program at the University of Central Florida.

I am a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Registered Mental Health Counseling intern (RMHCI) in the state of Florida.

I have clinical experience working with children, youth, and families from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. I also have gained clinical experience working with individuals experiencing crisis. I approach all my clients from a trauma-informed lens, ensuring that all client interactions prioritize sensitivity and support.

I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon (I speak Arabic!) and my journey has been filled with valuable life experiences and insights that I believe can be beneficial in our therapeutic work together.

Living in two different places has given me a unique perspective and an appreciation for different cultures. I’m excited to share my experiences and learn from others along the way.

Thank you for considering me as your counselor. I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your path to emotional well-being and personal growth.

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