Alex Papadopulos, Business Consulting, Career Coach
Alex Papadopulos
Alex Papadopulos is part owner of Longboat Counseling Services and is also available as a business and career consultant. With vast experience in the corporate world he is well equipped to work with both business and individuals to assist in achieving their goals. His services include resume and interview review and preparation, business plans and general consulting, and fractional COO/CTO/integrator roles.
About Alex Papadopulos

With a robust professional history spanning 25 years, Alex boasts 15 years of senior and executive leadership experience. Originally from South Africa, he began his career in the technical domain, eventually transitioning into management positions. This shift highlighted his strong knack for strategic choices and effective team management. Alex’s fusion of technical know-how and managerial skills has not only propelled his personal journey but has also driven substantial progress and growth for the collectives and companies he has been associated with.

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